Passionate About Your Success
Our Philosophy

For us its all about trust. It may sound like a cliche but that's what it is. Accounting is a system that tells a story and if you can't trust the story you can't make the right decisions; you cant manage your business effectively and you can't get rid of the stresses and frustrations. This will limit your chances of success and increase the failure rate. One of the top 10 reasons businesses fail is because of ineffective financial systems. So if you can't trust your systems you can't trust your success. 

Our Process

Everything we do flows from here. That is why we see our relationship as a partnership and not as a sales relationship. Its all too easy to make the best sale if sales are our goal but if its a partnership it's long-term and involves trust. This philosophy is born out in our whole process. From our first meeting where we find out more about you and your business and how you like to run it, though our selection of best product fit for you, our implementation process, training of your team to take over from us to going live and taking on a support role going forward. By the time we have completed this process we believe you would have fully earned your trust with your all important financial systems.

Our Team

Our team is our most important asset, another cliche but again very true. By looking after our team we know that they will look after you. When our team enjoy what they do every day and are given the best training and tools we know that they will be doing their best for you. This relationship is based on trust, once again. This team consist of a professional accountant, SAGE qualified & certified consultants, many years of hands on accounting & accounting systems experience and a boat load of aptitude for IT systems, business processes & systems and business administration.