Meet Our Team

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Grant Sinclair

Grant Sinclair is a qualified accountant with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants with a background in auditing, accounting and business processes. Grant has successfully run his accounting practice for more than 25 years migrating his business more to the side of business consulting and the design and implementation of business processes and electronic accounting information systems. He comes with experience in the auditing, financial management and business consulting fields. 

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Shelley Fourie

Shelley Fourie has been in the accounting and electronic information systems arena for many years, with some serious hands-on experience in implanting electronic accounting information systems, first as an end user on Evolution, Pastel partner accounting and payroll for many years and then as a senior software consultant as a member of the Treadstone and EBM Technologies teams. Her aptitude is for IT and software in general and accounting, accounting systems and business process flow specifically. Shelley has successfully helped scores of clients, small, medium and large, migrate from a state of uncertainty to a stable business information platform providing fast, reliable and accurate information.